Work in progress

After the virtual flood

After the virtual flood. With Wouter Botzen and Julia Blasch.

Flood risk misperceptions

Flood risk misperceptions. With Wouter Botzen, Julia Blasch and Hans de Moel.

Social norms for flood preparedness

Social norms for flood preparedness. With Wouter Botzen, Julia Blasch, Elissa Kranzler and Howard Kunreuther.

The avocado paradox

Millennials’ motivations and misconceptions of sustainable diets. With Meike Morren, Julia Blasch and Žiga Malek.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Presentation at the EEE workshop in Heidelberg

Norms and Behavioral Change Workshop 2019

Presentation at the Villanova Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making Conference 2019.

Presentation at the WINK Nudging and Beyond Conference


Environmental Economics for ERM (AM_468060)

This graduate course gives an introduction to the economic analysis of environmental problems for students in the MSc programme Environmental and Resource Management (ERM). I taught tutorials and interactive events, such as classroom games. I gave a lecture about experimental economics. I created assignments and assisted in grading.

Water Economics (AM_1167)

This graduate course familiarizes MSc Hydrology students with the economic analysis of water-related problems and solutions. I helped with the computer lab sessions in which students get familiar with statistical analysis using R.

Theses supervision

MSc. Environmental and Resource Management (ERM), A. Carvallo, 2019.
BSc. Earth & Economics, A. Molenaar, 2018.

Environmental Economics for ERM (AM_468060)

Environmental Economics for ERM (AM_468060)

Environmental Economics for ERM (AM_468060)