I am a postdoctoral researcher at CREED, the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and political Decision making of the University of Amsterdam and a Research Fellow at Tinbergen. My main interests are experimental economics and behavioral economics.

I have a research master in neuroeconomics from Maastricht University and a PhD in behavioral economics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My PhD thesis entitled Improving flood preparedness using insights from economic experiments can be found here.

Currently, I am working on a project studying the importance of trust in the sharing economy. (photo: Ljilja Suvajdžić)


  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Virtual Reality


  • PhD in Behavioral Economics, 2021

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (Research Master, Neuroeconomics), 2016

    Maastricht University

  • BSc in Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2014

    Tilburg University

Recent Publications

(2021). Psychological Science for a Responsible Sharing Economy. Current Opinion in Psychology.


(2021). All by myself? Testing descriptive social norm-nudges to increase flood preparedness among homeowners. Behavioural Public Policy.

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Work in progress

Information design in matching problems

Information design in matching problems. With Lenka Fiala and Sulagna Dasgupta.

Supply of willful ignorance

Supply of willful ignorance. With Ivan Soraperra and Joël van der Weele.

Testing a new hurricane scale

Testing a new hurricane scale. With Nadia Bloemendaal and Amy Polen.

Meat opinions

Meat opinions - Exploring unconscious reasons for resistance towards a plant-based diet. With Meike Morren.

The importance of trust in the sharing economy

The importance of trust in the sharing economy. With Shaul Shalvi, Ivan Soraperra, Margarita Leib, Linh Vu and Catherine Molho.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

International Conference on Social Dilemmas

Talk at ICSD in Copenhagen, Denmark


Invited talk at European Group of Process Tracing workshop

Faculty lustrum (UvA)

Invited talk at faculty lustrum


Talk at M-BEES in Maastricht

Experimental Economics for the Environment (online at ZEW)

Presentation at the EEE workshop at ZEW


Climate Change Economics (6414M0504Y)

By the end of this course the students must be able to use economic tools to measure the impact of climate change and to determine the best policies to combat it. Lectures will cover a wide range of topics, including the link between the economic and climate systems, methods used to discount the future, the risk of disasters and irreversibilities, and many more.

Theses supervision

2021 - present      University of Amsterdam: MSc. Economics & Business (7 students)
2018- 2020           VU Amsterdam: MSc. Environmental Resource Management (2 students) and BSc. Earth & Economics (1 student)

Water Economics (AM_1167)

This graduate course familiarizes MSc Hydrology students with the economic analysis of water-related problems and solutions. I helped with the computer lab sessions in which students get familiar with statistical analysis using R.

Environmental Economics for ERM (AM_468060)

This graduate course gives an introduction to the economic analysis of environmental problems for students in the MSc programme Environmental and Resource Management (ERM). I teach tutorials and interactive events, such as classroom games. I give an (online) lecture about experimental economics. I created assignments and assist in grading. I programmed several online classroom public goods games and an online classroom all-in-water-auction.