Risk perception

Improving flood preparedness using insights from economic experiments

Flooding is one of the most dangerous natural hazards worldwide, causing widespread economic damage in coastal areas, thousands of deaths and injuries, and displacing millions of people every year. Individual homeowners can take a number of measures …

Adequately reflecting the severity of tropical cyclones using the new Tropical Cyclone Severity Scale

For decades, meteorologists and governments have been warning communities in coastal areas for an imminent tropical cyclone (TC) using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (SSHWS). The SSHWS categorizes a TC based on its maximum wind speed, and is …

After the virtual flood

After the virtual flood. Virtual reality experiment on flooding experiences with Wouter Botzen and Julia Blasch.

Hurricane preparedness during the Covid-19 pandemic

Individual Hurricane Preparedness During the COVID-19 Pandemic. With Wouter Botzen, Peter Robinson, Juan Zhang and Jeffrey Czajkowski.

Insights into flood risk misperceptions of homeowners in the Dutch river delta

Flooding is one of the most significant natural disasters worldwide. Nevertheless, voluntary take-up of individual damage reduction measures is low. A potential explanation is that flood risk perceptions of individual homeowners are below objective …