Social norms for flood preparedness

Improving individual flood preparedness decisions through social norms

With Wouter Botzen, Julia Blasch, Elissa Kranzler and Howard Kunreuther.

Abstract: Social norms are rules of behavior that are commonly approved by society. Nudges based on social norms (norm-nudges) are compelling interventions compared to traditional interventions, but they have to be carefully designed to be effective. This paper adds to the growing literature on the effectiveness of norm-nudges by analyzing the effectiveness of different norm-nudge messages with varying transparency on individual flood preparedness. We test two empirical norm-nudge frames with a large sample in two European countries, to evaluate the possible interactions between norm-nudge effectiveness, individual characteristics and intercultural differences. We contrast these empirical norm-nudge treatments with a control treatment and a norm focusing treatment, where respondents are first asked to guess what other respondents would do, before making a decision relevant for their own payoff. We conclude with policy recommendations about norm-nudge messages in the context of communicating risk reduction.

[project in data analysis phase]

Jantsje Mol
PhD researcher

My research interests include experimental economics, behavioral economics and virtual reality.


Norms and Behavioral Change Workshop 2019

Presentation at the Villanova Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

Presentation at the WINK Nudging and Beyond Conference