Changing diets

Changing diets - The role of motivations, knowledge and "foodprint" information for sustainable dietary choices

With Meike Morren, Julia Blasch and Žiga Malek.

Abstract: In the coming decades, a shift to healthier and more sustainable diets could provide food security and reduce the pressure on the environment. Yet, research has shown that many consumers have misconceptions about the environmental impact of food products as well as about what constitutes a healthy diet. A scoping study aimed to understand the misconceptions regarding the sustainability of food products and their motivations to adopt alternative diets. Subsequently, an intervention study in a large representative sample allowed us to test the impact of providing information about the environmental or health impact of dietary choices versus suggestions of more sustainable or healthier meals. Based on our results, policy interventions could be designed to stimulate more sustainable diets by this important group of consumers.

[project in data analysis phase]

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